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Jimmy Myers is a musician that grew up in oklahoma and started playing music at a young age. jimmy always has been inspired by merle Haggard and became playing and sounding like merle but his own style he played in some bands in new england with a great friend lou foisey that was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident 15 years ago so jimmy wants to write music in memory of lou as he taught him a few things about life and music . 

What Inspires Me

Jimmy is inspired by his little girl Hannah two  years old  dedicates his music to her . Jimmy dedicates his own written music to all the coutry greats as well as his friends .

Our Influences

Our music blends rock, acoustic melodies, and electronic to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our own lives. We’ve written about the excitement of traveling alone, young love, and getting older.  

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